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Professional Catering
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Head Office & Main Store: 50 Morecambe Gate, Scarborough, ON M1W 2N6 - Phone: (416) 497-9717 - Fax: (416) 497-3607

Take Out
54A Morecambe Gate
(Victoria Park & Finch)
(416) 499-9500
50 Morecambe Gate
(Victoria Park & Finch)
(416) 497-9717
7 Kennedy Road South
(905) 450-6054
1. Five per cent (5%) commission per ticket charged to promoters
2. Tickets are to be delivered a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event, to each of the five (3) Nicey's Food Mart locations as listed above.
3. The Names, Location and Telephone Numbers of all Nicey's Food Mart locations must appear on all advertising materials, in conjunction with the said event.
4. Proceeds from the ticket sales, less commission, must be picked up by the same person who delivered the tickets no earlier than 2 business days after the event.
5. All unsold tickets or proceeds, less commission, will be surrendered to the Promoter no earlier that 2 business days after said event.
6. If the said Event is cancelled or postponed, or if the location or times of the event is changed, or if new tickets are to be distributed; all unsold tickets and monies collected from the proceeds of the original tickets will be kept by Nicey's Food Mart until all refunds from sales of original tickets are issued.
Event: Promoter Name & Number:

Ticket Sequence:

Ticket Sold:

Gross Dollar Sales: Less 5% Commission: No. of Ticket Returned: Dollar Amount Payout:
Please sign for proceeds received: [X]
Nicey's Food Mart: Promoter: Authorized Representative

** NOTE: In the event the above authorized representative is unable to fulfill this duty, Nicey's Food Mart is to be notified in writing by the promoter to whom the proceeds and tickets should be released.