How to speak Jamaican "Patois"
The following phrases and wording is taken from the books
"How To Speak Jamaican by Ken Maxwell & Livingston McLaren"
"The Jamaican Dictionary by Roger Chen"

which are sold at All Nicey's Food Mart Stores

Here are some of the phrases you may hear at Nicey's.

  Whaa gwaan?

What's going on?

  Ello can I help yuh wid someting? Hello can I help you with something?  
  Mawnin sah, yuh ove any calaloo bush? Morning sir, do you have and callaloo bush?  
  Put de sinting inna de bag. Put the things in the bag.  
  De nex time I will buy it.

The next time, I will buy it.

  Sumody sey Nicey ove mango pon sale

Somebody say, Nicey's have mango on sale.

  Mi cyan help yuh wit dat

I can help you with that

  Yuh too faas

You're too nosey

  A who dat?

Who is that?

  Nicey is a irie likkle place fi shoppe.

Nicey's is a nice place to shop.

  Mi di dedeh yah satcherday.

I was here Saturday.

  Mi would rada you talk to mi

I would rather you speak/talk to me.

  A lang time mi deh inna dis lang line

I've been in this line for a long time.

  How much fi dis yah sinting, missa/miss Chin?

How much for that thing, Mister/Miss Chin?

  A lang time mi deh inna dis lang line

I've been in this line for a long time.

  Mi madda sen mi fi buy two poun a hoxtail.

My mother send me to buy two pound of oxtail.

  Whey mek unno move up the ting?

Why did you move the thing?

  How much fi wan a dis?

How much for one of these?

  A whey di flya deh?

Where is the flyer?

  A weh yuh deh?

Where are you?

  Yuh  no dun yet?

Have you finished yet?

  Im sey dat yuh was to bring di ting.

He said you were to bring the thing.

  How yuh do?

How are you?

  Which pawt it deh?

Where is it?

  A weh yuh seh?

What did you say?

  All a dem a me fambly

They are all my family

  Jesum piece, a cyan fine mi money

My goodness, I can't find my money.

  Witch aile yuh fine di hile?

Which aisle can I find the oil?



Jamaican words to describe food items:

Aloe Vera - Known in Jamaica as "Sinkle bible"

BammyDeep-fried cassava bread

Bissy - Cola Nut

Bulla - A small round bun made with, sugar and flour

Bully Beef - Corned Beef

Callaloo - Leafy green vegetable (like spinach)

Ceracee - A plant used to make herbal tea

Cho Cho - An edible root vegetable which is similar to a potato

Cocobread - A bread bun baked with shortening in the folds, eaten with patties

Dasheen - A yam like root

Erated water - Carbonated drink, soda pop

Festival - Fried soda dough

Food - Starchy provisions; yam, potatoes, banana and coco

Frittas - Usually Salt Fish or Banana fritters


Gizada - Grated coconut tart

Grata cake - Grated coconut in a sugar glaze

Guava - A Caribbean fruit which is eaten raw or used to make Jam/Jelly

Gungo - Pigeon peas

Hegg - Egg

Herb Tea - A herbal tea laxative

Hile - Oil

Irish Moss - A healthy drink made from a seaweed extract

Jackass corn - A hard coconut cookie

Jew Plum - A sour plum with a very prickly seed (june-plum)

Johnny cake - Fried soda dumpling

Leggins - Herbs and provisions used for making soup.

Mango - Blacky, Bombay, Julie, East Indian, Common

Ochro - Okra, gumbo


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